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Modern Culture Studies - Introduction

  Similar to the rapidly shifting landscapes of scientific technology and global economy, significant changes which impact upon our life circumstances can also be felt on an individual level. Comparable observations can be applied to social conditions that envelope cultures. As one culture influences others by surmounting not only time and space, but also genre, contemporary cultures―interrelated and intermingled with one another―have been reproduced and developed over time.

  In our Modern Culture Studies, we offer opportunities for research on a variety of cultural matters, including production sites and transformational situations, from a multitude of contexts. In order to grasp the deeper meaning of a specific area or issue, for instance, students may investigate aspects of corporeal, visual, thought, or verbal/nonverbal cultures to better understand the thought processes and doctrines from a specific period of time, as well as evaluate social systems and inter-cultural networks which embrace similar cultural formations. Our research also aspires to incorporate inter-/cross-sectional and diachronic/synchronic explication of cultural phenomena from extensive and global perspectives.

  We are looking for students who have an interest in modern cultures and an enthusiasm for studying a wide and broad range of them. We are committed to working together with our students to support their enthusiasm, and we encourage you to further explore our web site for more information on the research themes of current faculty and students within the course.

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