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Language and Information Studies - Introduction

  Language as the basis of communication is an emerging and pressing concern in our increasingly globalized society. Against the background of the current information age, our program addresses both descriptive and theoretical aspects of language, interdisciplinary studies of language, and applied research focused on English language education.

  We conduct theoretical and empirical research on the universal and particular aspects of language, applying diverse theoretical frameworks both to the investigation of individual languages and comparative research on multiple languages of Asia and the West. We also explore the relationship between language and society through interdisciplinary approaches to such topics as language policy, the study of discourse in social interaction, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology.

  In the case of English language education, we engage in both theoretical and empirical research on English teaching and learning. Concrete examples include second language acquisition research, teaching materials analysis, language testing, the processes of reading and listening in English, language corpus development, and production skills.

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